Genius IQ Test: Find the safest exit door in 7 seconds!

A prisoner is trying to escape in the photo above.Prisoners must choose the safest exit door among three.  

One door has a time bomb, one has two deadly dogs, and one has a security guard with a rifle.  

You now have to decide which door will provide the safest way out. This is a challenging task that will put your brain to the test.  

Put your thinking cap on and try to come up with some thought-provoking conclusions.  

Examine the image closely and consider every option. There is not much time left.  

The time is up. Have you been able to determine which exit door is the safest?  

To the readers who were able to correctly identify the door, congratulations.  

Readers can match the response that is given above with theirs. Look it over right now!  

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