Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find Y among X’s in 4 seconds!

Readers are shown a grid of Xs in the image shared above. There is one exclusion, though.  

The readers' task is to identify the letter Y buried amid the Xs in under four seconds. Can you identify it in the allotted time?  

This is the beginning of your time! This is a short test to see how well you can observe.  

The most acute eyes are those that can identify Y more quickly than others. Examine the picture closely.   

Have you located Y? There is not much time left. Just take a close look to find it. The clock is ticking, so move quickly.  

Those readers who completed the task in the allotted time frame deserve congratulations.  

Of all the humans, your vision is the sharpest. Let's now examine the response given above.  

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