Best Air Fryer Spring Rolls Recipe

Easy to make and loaded with flavorful ground chicken, these air fryer spring rolls are crispy. They're crispier, healthier, and lighter than deep-fried. Great appetiser or side!  


– 1 tbsp olive oil – 2 garlic cloves, minced – 4 oz mushrooms, chopped small – 1 lb ground chicken, 93% lean recommended – 1 ½ cups shredded green cabbage, * – 1 ½ cups shredded carrots, * Alternatively, you can use 3 cups of coleslaw mix instead of the cabbage and carrot – 2 green onions, thinly sliced – 1 tbsp soy sauce – 2 tbsp rice vinegar – 1 tsp cornstarch – 12 – 15 spring roll wrappers, rice or wheat-based or egg roll wrapper – Salt & pepper – Pinch of cornstarch mixed with water, slurry to seal spring roll wrap Avocado oil spray, for air frying (you can also use more regular olive oil)


Make the Filling:-Heat olive oil in a large skillet on medium. Cook garlic mince till aromatic.Chop skillet mushrooms. Unstir and brown side 5 minutes. Dry-blend mushrooms.    

Step 1

Salt and pepper skillet, ground chicken. Chicken is nearly done in 4–5 minutes.Soy sauce, cabbage, green onions, rice vinegar. Cabbage-carrot-wilt.  

Step 2

One teaspoon of heated cornflour thickens and evaporates. Soggy spring rolls soften.  

Step 3

Cool the Filling: IMPORTANT  A cool filling. Refrigerated or baked goods cool faster.  

Step 4

Assemble Spring Rolls:- Remove spring and egg roll wrappers before assembly. Wrap the remaining in damp paper or dish towel to prevent drying. Spring and egg roll wrappers, no soaking.  

Step 5

To avoid drying, soak rice paper spring roll wrappers in shallow water for 10 seconds before filling. Yeast-made egg rolls are stronger than spring rolls.   

Step 6

Egg roll wrappers and wontons are amazing. Try rice paper spring rolls. Place the circular wrapper on a clean cutting board after 10 seconds of watering. Corner-bind bottom. Fold-and-roll seal.  

Step 7

Diamond-packed rice paper. Corner-bind bottom. Half-fold sides. Roll. Wrapper-roll seal. Cornflour-water slurry seals edges.  

Step 8

Air Fry Them:- Pre-heat the air fryer to 380ÚF. Air fryer basket grease. Dress air-fried spring rolls in avocado or olive oil.  

Step 9

Rice paper: air-cook spring rolls 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway, until golden brown. Air fryers vary in size. Air-fry spring rolls 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway. Air fryers vary in size. Enjoy!  

Step 10

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