3 Shocking Stories Behind the World's Most Expensive Coins

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Without a doubt! The following are three surprising tales that are associated with some of the most costly coins in the world:  

World's most valuable coin is the 1933 Double Eagle. Its tale is controversial and intriguing. Due to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive order banning gold coin hoarding, nearly 445,000 1933 Double Eagles were never released.   

The 1933 Double Eagle 

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However, some specimens were illegally stolen from the Mint and sold. The U.S. government and private collectors fought over these coins' ownership and validity for decades.   

The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar was the first US Mint silver dollar. Tragic events hampered its construction. While minting the coin, Chief Coiner Henry Voigt died abruptly, causing delays and production concerns.   

The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar 

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Some called the coin's design disgusting, and Mint Director David Rittenhouse was criticised. Despite its tumultuous past, the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar is today a collector's favourite and may fetch millions at auction.  

One of the most famous and valuable American coins is the Brasher Doubloon. The first gold coins in America were struck by New York City goldsmith Ephraim Brasher.   

The Brasher Doubloon 

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When robbers tried to steal one of the rare Brasher Doubloons from the American Numismatic Society's museum in 1979, the story took an unexpected turn.   

These shocking facts about the world's most valuable coins show how dramatic, mysterious, and interesting these rare numismatic gems are.  


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