3 Rare Stamps Hiding in Plain Sight: Check Your Mail

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Of course! Sometimes you can find rare stamps in strange places, like in normal mail. Fans of rare stamps might find the following three examples:  

Perhaps the most famous and precious philatelic mistake stamp is the Inverted Jenny. This 1918 U.S. airmail stamp depicts the "Jenny" Curtiss JN-4 aeroplane. A printing error left some stamps with the aeroplane upside down.   

Inverted Jenny (1918) 

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Collectors value these stamps for millions at auction. Finding an Inverted Jenny in the mail is rare, but lucky recipients have made amazing discoveries.  

No stamp is rarer or more precious than the British Guiana 1c Magenta. In 1856, British Guiana (now Guyana) printed this emergency stamp when it ran out of legitimate postage stamps.  

British Guiana 1c Magenta (1856) 

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The 1c Magenta is a rare philatelic gem with only one known copy. This stamp is unlikely to arrive in your mail, but its narrative shows how rare stamps can appear in unexpected locations.  

Inverted Dendermonde is a 1920 Belgian stamp. The town hall of Dendermonde, Belgium, is shown. A printing fault flipped the town hall on a few stamps. Rare mistake stamps are sought for by collectors.  

Inverted Dendermonde (1920) 

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While discovering an Inverted Dendermonde stamp in your mail is unusual, it shows that even modern stamps with printing faults may be valuable.  

Although rare stamps in the mail are rare, collectors and enthusiasts like looking for them. But note that most stamps in regular mail are common and nominal.  


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