Zodiac Signs and Presidents: A Complete Guide  


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is all fire, passion, and resolve. Their audacious and assertive demeanour is ideally complemented by the colour red. This intense colour represents boldness, energy, and the motivation behind their goals.


Taurus, who is steady and grounded, finds harmony in the colour green. Green, which stands for development, harmony, and plenty, reflects their enduring ties to the natural world and worldly comforts.


Yellow is a colour that Gemini, who embodies the spirit of communication and inquiry, is drawn to. This vibrant colour expresses their energetic and active nature and encourages academic pursuits.


Silver has a calming effect on Cancer, a sensitive and nurturing sign. Silver represents emotions and intuition, and it also displays their kind and considerate character.


The colour gold provides comfort to the charming Leo. This magnificent colour stands for their inventiveness, leadership abilities, and want to shine like the sun.


Virgo is drawn to the colour brown because of its grounded approach and great attention to detail. Brown, a colour that represents steadiness and pragmatism, goes well with their industrious and analytical disposition.

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