You have extraordinary visual skills if you can spot the hidden cat in 4 seconds!

A woman is seen in the picture linked above standing in front of drapes with a bucket and broom.  

This photo has a concealed cat, as the title says. In four seconds, can you locate the concealed cat?  

This is the beginning of your time! Your ability to observe will be put to the test by this easy task. Examine the picture closely.   

Have you found the feline hidden? The most acute-eyed people will be able to identify the cat before others do.  

There is not much time left. Take a close look at the photo; the cat is skilfully hidden somewhere.  

A hearty round of congratulations goes out to the keen-eyed readers who, with the help of their amazing visual abilities, were able to identify the concealed cat.  

For those who were unable to locate the feline, the solution is provided above.  

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