You have eagle eyes if you can spot the different cat in the picture in 5 seconds!

The photo above shows three cats sitting together. Though they may look alike, the three cats are different.  

You have 5 seconds to identify the different cat among the three. Some say only those with eagle eyes can find cats faster.  

Eagles have the best eyesight in the animal realm, thus if someone solves the task in 5 seconds, they should be compared to one.  

Fun fact: Eagles can focus on their prey from 2-3 kilometres away and have almost 4 times the eyesight of humans.  

Have you got eagle eyes? Solve this difficult puzzle to find out. Examine the photograph to identify the cat's unique traits.  

You deserve a standing ovation for reaching this point. You may have answered by now.  

Going straight to the solution will not boost your brain health, attentiveness, or visual acuity.  

Are you ready to count your answers? Then see the solution above.  

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