Your End-of-Summer Nails Look, According to Your Zodiac Sign  


The trait that makes a Leo so characteristic may be their assumption of leadership without even considering the possibility that someone else would be a better fit. They sincerely think they are aware of what is ideal. 


A courteous word of caution: avoid getting into trouble with these people. Scorpio's shadow side is cunning, vindictive, and tenacious, and it is ruled by Pluto, the planet of darkness that orbits the Sun furthest from the Sun.


Since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, they also have to be first in almost everything else. It is well known that this fire sign has the power to illuminate a space. They are determined and caring; they don't feel content unless they are at the top.


A Capricorn has unrivalled self-control. It is not unusual for this grounded and resolute earth sign to rise to positions of responsibility. Because of their unique capacity to perceive people for who they really are and to make them feel comfortable, they are able to effortlessly captivate a crowd. 


Sagittarians are exceptionally strong, self-assured, and persistent, and they are ruled by Jupiter, which is by far the largest and most powerful planet.


Unquestionably one of the zodiac's most potent and dominant signs is the formidable Taurus. They know exactly what they want and how to obtain it by any means necessary.

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