World's Most Expensive Whisky Rare 1926 Macallan Is Priced At $2.7 Million; Know It's Speciality

When a unique bottle of whisky called "The Macallan 1926 single malt" sold for $2.7 million at Sotheby's in London, it was a big deal in the world of auctions. 

The price at this sale on November 18 was over twice what was expected, making it the most expensive wine or spirit ever auctioned off.

Sotheby's said that this Macallan 1926 single malt, which has been kept in sherry casks for sixty years, is one of the rarest and most sought-after bottles in the world. 

This version was bottled in 1986, and only 40 were made. It is the oldest Macallan vintage that has ever been made. It's interesting that these 40 bottles couldn't be bought; instead, some of them were only given to The Macallan's most important customers. 

According to Jonny Fowle, Global Head of Whisky at Sotheby's, this new record result for The Macallan Adami makes him feel even better .

He then finished this journey on the rostrum, taking bids in person and over the phone. The feeling I got when I broke the whisky world record is something I'll never forget.

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