Which zodiac sign should not wear diamonds  


Because Aries is ruled by Mars, wearing a diamond can provide Ariesian tremendous benefits by assisting in the gathering of the ruling planet's energy. Positive energy transformation is facilitated by the wearer of a diamond. 


Since Venus is Taurus's ruling planet, a diamond and Taurus can have a happily ever after. If a Taurus wears a diamond, they can bring themselves much success in a variety of disciplines, such as the arts, hospitality, or beauty.


Pearl is the birthstone for Gemini. Pearl assists a Gemini born in channelling the energy of Mercury, enabling the growth of their body, mind, and spirit. If you still feel that a diamond is appropriate for you as a Gemini, pair it with an emerald. 


Venus is in your birth chart's 4th and 11th houses, so you might not want to wear a diamond there. Wearing a diamond, however, is advantageous for Cancer if Venus is exalted in Pisces. Meanwhile, ruby is the stone that brings luck to Cancerians.


Leos who are born under the sign of Leo in the third or tenth house of the Kundli should think about saying goodbye to the diamond for all the right reasons.


Wearing a diamond is beneficial for Virgos while Venus is in the 2nd and 9th houses of their birth chart, according to our knowledgeable astrologers. This indicates good fortune for the sign. 

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