What to Wear on New Year's Eve, According to Your Zodiac Sign  


The luckiest charm for both men and women born in Aries is a carnelian chain or necklace. Mars, the planet of action, rules the cardinal fire sign of Aries. Thus, it makes sense that carnelian, a semi-precious orange-red diamond, would be beneficial to wear for this persistent sign. 


As well as being wonderful good-luck symbols for Taurus, roses and poppies are symbols of beauty and strength. A tactile, stylish Taurus would therefore look great with this red poppy flower scarf as an accent.


The only sign that enjoys having conversations, finding inspiration in any topic, and hula-hooping while skating on roller skates is the Gemini. Because Mercury, the planet of speech, dominates this erratic sign of the zodiac, it is naturally curious and always on the lookout for intellectual stimulation.


The caring, astute, and loyal aspects of the Cancer zodiac sign, which the planet Moon rules entirely, will be drawn to any jewellery or home accent adorned with a Moonstone chakra bracelet. Moonstone encourages intuition while easing emotional strain.


Additionally, citrine stands for the vitality, optimism, and inventiveness that define Leos. With its unique tri-metal design of brass, silver, and copper, this citrine ring achieves just that—attracting attention to itself, which is what every Leo craves. 


Our astrologers would recommend a fancy pen as their fortune maker from the list of fortunate charms because Mercury rules communication and Virgo is a changeable Earth sign. They will enjoy themselves and be able to write and organise better with this writing tools.

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