What To Expect During 11th House Profection Year

Annual perfections is a special type of astrology that looks at how our lives are split into stages of 12 years. Every year is controlled by a different house of the zodiac, starting with the first house.

all the way up to the 12th house when we are 11 years old. The birth year is the first house. At age 12, the loop starts all over again and keeps going.

Life changes when we are 10, 22, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82, and so on. These are all 11th house perfection years. Some places in our birth charts can also make these years full of amazing experiences or challenges that require us to be brave and sure of what we believe in.

If you look at astrology, the 11th house is about friendships, ideals, community work, and the future. It's where the Aquarius star sign lives, and Saturn and Uranus both rule it. That's the house that

shows us how we're different, what our life's purpose might be (or at least the cause or goal that will make us happiest), and how we push the limits of what's possible and what's not.

In spite of this, not everyone has the same experiences during their 11th house perfection year. To find out what kinds of events you might have, you need to look at your birth chart and the Lord of the 11th house, as well as the house, sign, and aspects of your Venus and Uranus.