What I Eat in a Day (1450 calories)


Fibre keeps you feeling full, is beneficial for your heart, and helps maintain your digestive system healthy and functioning properly.


Eggs, a high-quality vegetarian protein source, may help your meal last longer. About 70 calories and 6 grammes of protein are found in one egg.


Additionally, nuts include insoluble fibre, which research indicates may support healthy gut bacteria and help you stay healthy.


The "good bacteria" in yoghurt, known as probiotics, aid in the maintenance of a healthy gut. Also abundant in calcium.


Oats are a breakfast mainstay and a superfood. Muesli is a satisfying breakfast option and a simple method to increase your fibre intake.

Sweet Potatoes

These substances are transformed by the body into vitamin A's active form, which supports the health of your bones, eyes, and immune system.

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