What Are the Easiest Seeds to Grow in a Garden?

The easiest garden seeds are fast-germinating, easy-to-handle, and temperature-insensitive. Radishes, lettuce, spinach, sunflowers, beans, peas, pumpkins, corn, and garlic grow well from seed.

Everything is seasonable. Same with seeding! Certain plants thrive at certain seasons. Timing matters in seeding. Pumpkins and spinach die in excessive heat or cold. 

1. Proper Timing

Too-deep plantings won't give seeds enough energy to sprout. If planted too shallow, the seed may dry out or blow away. Sowing seeds deep enough provides food and moisture for germination. 

2. Sowing Depth 

Overcrowded spaces are hard to survive. Plants struggle to thrive in cramped conditions, just like people on a subway. Starting seeds at the right spacing saves time and seeds. 

3. Spacing

The seeds rest till moist. Water helps seeds grow leaves. Several garden seedlings need constant dampness to germinate. Dried seeds die. Watering too much can drown or rot seeds. 

4. Moisture

Compost and worm castings help soil retain moisture and drain properly. When watering seeds in a container, stop when water spills out the bottom drainage hole. 

5. Testing Soil Moisture 

Seed damping off is often caused by overwatering and insufficient ventilation. The base-attacking fungus causes seeds to fall over immediately after sprouting. 

6. Damping Off  

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