Top 6 Zodiac Signs Who Love Public Displays of Love 


People know Leos for their big personalities and love of being in the lead. Leos are really into their PDA. They love being the center of attention and aren't afraid to show their love in public by doing big things and giving their partners lots of love.


Libras want their relationships to be peaceful and balanced. They like being around other people and do well in social situations. Libras like the romantic moves that come with PDA. As part of their routine, they hold hands, steal quick kisses.


Geminis are known for being able to communicate clearly and settle down in any situation. Geminis don't mind showing their love in public when it comes to PDA. It's fun for them to joke around, steal kisses.


Aries is a fire sign that is known for being passionate and willing to try new things. Aries people aren't afraid to take chances when it comes to PDA. They enjoy fiercely holding their partners close and making big moves in public. 


Sagittarius people like to try new things and be free. They like being alone, but they're not afraid to let down their guard when it comes to PDA. When they're out in public, Sagittarius people like to hold hands, kiss, and hug their partners tightly. 


Cancer is a water sign that is known for having strong feelings. At first, they might seem shy, but once they feel safe in a relationship, they're not afraid to show their love in public. Cancers like to hug, hold hands, and sometimes even sneak kisses when the time is right. 

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