Top 5 Uncommon Valuables You Didn't Know You Owned

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Sometimes the most surprising items in plain sight are treasures worth more than you thought. The top 5 rare assets you didn't realise you held range from forgotten collectibles to buried diamonds.  

Top on the list is the 1928 MS67 Peace Silver Dollar. The numismatic masterpiece is prized by collectors. This rare coin is worth $400,000. Its sharp strike, shiny surfaces, and near-perfect condition make it uncommon.  

1928 Peace Silver Dollar (MS67): $400,000

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Key dates in the Peace Dollar series include the 1934-S Peace Silver Dollar, graded MS67. This coin is rare in such good shape because to its 1,011,000 mintage. Its estimated worth is $350,000.  

1934-S Peace Silver Dollar (MS67): $350,000

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Collectors prize the 1925-S Peace Silver Dollar, MS67. Its limited mintage and excellent condition increase its value. This coin may be worth $300,000.  

1925-S Peace Silver Dollar (MS67): $300,000

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MS68 1934 Peace Silver Dollars are rare. Collectors admire this coin for its excellent condition and strike. It's estimated at $300,000.  

1934 Peace Silver Dollar (MS68): $300,000

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Another popular coin is the MS66 1927-D Peace Silver Dollar. Its market scarcity and exceptional condition make it valuable. About $150,000 for this coin.  

1927-D Peace Silver Dollar (MS66): $150,000

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The unusual valuables in your possession may surprise you. These five Peace Silver Dollars, worth $1.5M, are among the finest in numismatics. These rare coins are valuable additions to any collection and part of American history.  


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