Top 4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Homesick  

Many people can relate to the longing for their home, with its comforting sights, sounds, and memories. Though it can strike anyone, some signs of the zodiac appear to be more connected to their heritage and more likely to get homesick.

The Moon rules Cancer, which is a very sentimental and emotional sign of the zodiac. They form deep emotional ties with those they love, and their home and family are fundamental to who they are. 


Venus rules Taurus, an earth sign with a strong affinity for security and comfort in the material world. They value the comforting textures, delicious meals, calming hues, and a homey feel.



Neptune is the sign of the fish Pisces, which is renowned for its imaginative and dreamy qualities. Their strong emotional bond and sense of nostalgia are the root causes of their homesickness. 


Virgo, an earth sign under Mercury's triad, is all about routine, organization, and practicality. Their yearning for the stability of home is often the root cause of their homesickness. 

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