Top 10 Single Man Behaviours Women Hate 

Ditch the Pet Names 

Have men you just met called you “baby” or “sweetheart”? A woman finds this behavior annoying. Using pet names without knowing your name is cringeworthy and disingenuous. 

Anger Management 

Have you ever been called “cute when you’re mad” ladies? This seemingly innocuous comment frustrates a commenter. It minimizes and devalues your rage. T

Respect Her Knowledge 

Men are known to be dismissive to women about “masculine” topics. One lady said a male coworker asked her about soccer after she displayed interest.

Avoid Childish Behavior 

To prevent upsetting women, guys shouldn't pick fights to exhibit their machismo. Childish and aggressive, it can cause unneeded fights. 

Time to Stop 

While some males think catcalling is harmless, women are furious. One high schooler said their partner thought catcalling was a praise for ladies. 

Interrupting and Belittling 

Have you ever had a guy stop you and repeat what you said, even if he used bigger words incorrectly? A woman complained in history class about a guy talking over ladies. 

Double Standard 

If you raise an eyebrow, guys may tell you to “calm down.” For calm women, it can be frustrating and make them feel unimportant.

Invalidating Feelings 

“That time of the month.” Some men find it innocuous, while women find it frustrating. It devalues their ideas and reinforces the damaging perception that women's emotions are illogical and reliant on their menstrual cycle.

Invasive Behavior 

Being sociable with coworkers is fine, but some men must go farther. One person described dealing with male volunteers who knew them too well. 

Compliment or Harassment?  

Have you ever heard a man make an improper comment knowing you could hear it? One woman experienced that while picking up furniture with her partner and father.

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