Top 10 signs your old relationships are affecting your current one 

Insecurity envelopes your relationship

All the evils in your life and relationship stem from insecurity. If you had a terrible past, you'll lose trust in others rapidly. Your former relationship trauma will affect your new one.

You become overprotective

Rebuilding love after emotional injury makes you overprotective. Betrayed people naturally take their time to be open and free with their present companions.

Comparing your partner with your past lovers has become a habit

Always comparing your relationship to prior lovers is rude. You either overestimate your prior lover and make your partner feel insignificant or you believe your relationship will hurt you like your past lover.

You do not disclose things related to your past

To be healthy and strong, partners must trust and not keep secrets. If you hide or don't talk about key former relationships, it may undermine your current relationship.

Your commitment will be lacking

After a bad relationship, commitment will be difficult. But remember that the past is behind you and shouldn't affect the future.

You feel depressed

Even around your loved one, you feel unhappy and lacking something. Your anxiety from the prior catastrophe may be the cause. Try to overcome it. Still seeking closure. 

You keep talking about your ex

If others are talking about them, that's fine—you can't control what others say. Bringing up your ex in conversation may be concerning. You may be hurting your relationship more than ever.

You still stalk your ex

Your current partner would feel angry if you stalk your ex on social media and know a lot about their life. This will destroy your relationship because no one wants a spouse who isn't committed and often thinking about their ex.

You keep on reliving the past

Thoughts of previous tragedy and sorrow keep you from the present. Some feel like they're living in the past and don't appreciate their connection.

You tend to build a wall around you

Despite being in another relationship, your personality changed after a failed one. You don't expect your partner to grasp everything without sharing anything. This hinders relationship longevity.

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