Top 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations of 2023 


Thailand is the backpacking capital of Southeast Asia, and you may spend $25–35 per day thanks to cheap guesthouses, budget street food (as little as $1 USD!), local buses, and many free and cheap activities. 

Central America

How about exploring ancient sites, jungles, surfing, and excellent food without tourists? Travel to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Most cheap motels charge $15-30 USD per night.


Cambodia is my favorite Southeast Asian country since it's cheap, lovely, and the natives are so friendly. A private, air-conditioned accommodation costs $25 USD, street food costs $2-5 USD, and nationwide transportation is $20-25 USD. 

The Balkan

Cheapest in Europe is the Balkans in southeastern Europe. This off-the-beaten-path region comprising a few countries, most of which see few tourists, is inexpensive and offers great value. 


China has intrigued tourists since Marco Polo crossed the Silk Road in 1275. China is still an inexpensive destination, one of the cheapest in Asia, but with a catch. 


India was always cheap, but the rupee used to be 39 rupees to the dollar. Now, 82 rupees to the dollar is roughly 50% extra travel money. 


Georgia has everything I want: cheap, wonderful cuisine and wine, amazing treks and mountain beauty, and few tourists. I loved it right away and wish I had visited sooner (I decided to stay longer).


Portugal, one of my favorite Euro countries, is a bargain. I loved the country the first time I went. Beautiful beaches, rolling wine country, gorgeous seaside cliffs.


Despite visiting Mexico earlier, I hadn't spent much time there until lately. And I was amazed. Foodies love Mexico City, Oaxaca is charming (and has an endless supply of mezcal), and the Yucatan is great for road excursions and cenotes.


Morocco's chaos and color make it a bucket-list vacation for anyone. Morocco's gorgeous sand dunes, twisting markets and medinas, and towering mountains are photographers' dream. 

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