These 3 Zodiac Signs Feel A Bit Challenged


Remember that Pluto energy is energy that changes things, so you may feel like you're being pushed to change today, which is something you're not ready for.

You have been put to the test on September 17, 2023. You set a date for yourself to do something, and today is that day. What can you show for yourself? Not really that much, Virgo.


The moon is square Pluto gives you power that you can use. You just don't want to work with anyone or anything today, September 17, 2023. You'll probably wake up tired and lack motivation all day.

of the day. At first, you'll think this is because you're tired and need to rest, but as the day goes on, you'll start to feel nervous, which is what people do when they're too tired.


Occasionally, your situation bothers you, and even though you spend a lot of time trying to either get used to or accept it, there are days, like today, September 17, 2023, when everything just seems too much to handle.

You are also feeling nervous because the Moon is square to Pluto. You may spend the day trying to find the last bit of hope, but you may also feel like there is no way out.