The Most Beautiful Cities in 11 U.S. States to Add to Your Bucket List   

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Definitely one of the most beautiful towns in the US. The pastel-colored houses line cobblestone streets. Scenery includes massive oak trees with Spanish moss. This city's small size and walkability are its best features.

Charleston, South Carolina

Witchy buildings and dirt streets in Savannah transport you to the early 1700s.Savannah gets contemporary art and design from SCAD.Savannah must-sees include Forsyth Park, the Historic District, and the First African Baptist Church.

Savannah, Georgia

Coffee and scenery are Seattle's speciality.Seattle has skyscrapers and attractions. Cascade Mountains, lakes, and Pacific Northwest beauty surround it.Pike Place Market, Seattle Centre, and Space Needle are must-sees.

Seattle, Washington

Anchorage has whales, fish, moose, and the Alaska Railroad, making it a great place to try new things. The city is Alaska's cultural centre and famous for its wildlife, nature walks, and glaciers.

Anchorage, Alaska

Chicago has many tall buildings near Lake Michigan. The windy city is known for its 1920s Art Deco houses. Magnificent Mile and Millennium Park are full of city and green life. You'll feel transported in any Chicago park.

Chicago, Illinoi

Honolulu has a beautiful coast, unique plants and animals, and a busy city. Each Hawaiian island is distinct. Honolulu Beach has white sand and sleek high-rise hotels overlooking the water.For those seeking relaxation, adventure, or novelty.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Vegas has more than just huge casinos and hotels. Las Vegas has millions of lights, making it the brightest place on Earth. Visit the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, or other less-touristy Las Vegas attractions a few miles from the Strip.

Las Vegas, Nevada

NYC is the only comparable place. Due to its diverse cultures, any NYC street is interesting to walk down.Art Deco in The Bronx and futuristic, engineering-defying city centre buildings are among New York's most beautiful.

New York City

Blue Ridge Mountains surround Asheville, making it a great nature spot.Cities have parks, trails, and rivers. Biltmore Estate, the largest house in the country, is an Asheville resort. Craft beer and cute buildings are popular.

Asheville, North Carolina

It has many cultural sites, from historic facades to Charles River views. People remember Boston for the Boston run and clam chowder. Since it started the American Revolution, it has many historical sites.

Boston, Massachusett

Madison is reportedly the healthiest, happiest, and best biking city in the US.Many James Beards have come from the city's vibrant culture.This small town has peaceful lake walks, but craft beer weekend and the Isthmus Beer & Cheese Festival fill downtown.

Madison, Wisconsin

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