The 3 Specific Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Feel Unloved


During the Waxing Moon in Pisces on September 27, 2023, you will likely feel as though the universe is ignoring you.

The reason for this could be that you are focused too much on what you think is wrong with your life and not enough on the good things that DO exist.


You don't feel unloved very often, if ever. That's good, Taurus, because you are loved to the Moon and back. You are still allowed to have your feelings,

You will be in a dark mood on September 27, 2023, when the Moon is waxing in Pisces. You will only be able to see how lonely and down you feel.


When the Moon is waxing in Pisces, you might feel unloved because you think about your past relationships and think you're not good at love. To begin with, you are not that.

You, on the other hand, can't handle things today, September 27, 2023, and when you're sad, you think the worst of yourself. A real sorry party was thrown for you because you've done this before.