The 3 Individual Zodiac Signs Who Likely Need To Be Alone

One of the themes of the day might be that we need to think things through before we do them. This could be about love, friendship, or anything else. On September 17, 2023, we know we need more time to get ready.

We're not ready to talk about it or move forward. Why we're upset is our own business, and while the Moon is in Libra and waxing crescent shape, we want to figure it out on our own.

We might feel like we have to answer someone who could be a love interest. We might not like this person as much as we thought we did, but we don't know how to tell them yet.

Or, we might know the best way to tell them the news, but we're afraid of what will happen.

No one should be hurt, but we don't feel like we owe them much either.

When the Moon is in Libra and the crescent is getting bigger, we really don't want to be with other people. And this is very important for three zodiac signs. Things won't be fixed today, and they won't be fixed tomorrow either. We'd rather stay away from everything and see how that works. Hmm.