The 10 Most Underrated Capital Cities in the US Ranked 

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, the capital of the smallest state, is culturally noteworthy. Italian restaurants on Federal Hill and unique West Side restaurants make up the attractive city's cuisine scene.

Helena, Montana

As the “Queen City of the Rockies,” Helena features wonderful hiking, bicycling, hot springs, and skiing. The Missouri River is popular for boat trips and fly-fishing.

Sacramento, California

San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Monterey are more popular California vacation places than Sacramento.

Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery features many Civil Rights Movement sites. Rosa Parks Library and Museum is near where she changed history by refusing to give up her seat on a 1955 bus.

Olympia, Washington

Pacific Northwest hidden gem Olympia is 60 miles south of Seattle. Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountain Range can be seen on tours.

Des Moines, Iowa

Outside of presidential primary season, Iowa isn't a popular travel destination.Tourists visit Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair (butter cow) and gold-domed Capitol.

Augusta, Maine

History buffs should visit Maine's capital, Augusta, a 17th-century English trading town.The oldest wooden U.S. fort, Old Fort Western, may be the most interesting. 

Carson City, Nevada

Nevada's capital city offers plenty to do, but Las Vegas pulls most visitors. Carson City, near Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, offers hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, off-roading, and hot springs.

Little Rock, Arkansa

Arkansas' capital is historic. Little Rock Central High School, a National Historic Landmark and Site, educates visitors about the Little Rock Nine and desegregation.

Boise, Idaho

Boise, among the Rocky Mountains, includes indoor and outdoor attractions. The city's robust culinary scene includes James Beard semifinalists, microbreweries, and an urban wine trail along the River Greenbelt, a beloved park with a 25-mile tree-lined route.

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