Seek and Find: Test your eye power by finding a rabbit in the picture in 8 seconds!

The image shown above, in black and white, shows a house with a lovely lawn and trees all around it.   

Somewhere in the image is where a rabbit is hiding. In eight seconds, can you see the rabbit in the photo with your keen eyes?  

This is a useful exercise to find out how attentive you are. Observe the picture intently, focusing on all of its details.  

Excellent observers will be able to identify the rabbit in the image. Have you seen her yet? Act quickly, as time is running out.  

Have you had any luck yet? Try concentrating on the picture again; you might be lucky this time.  

Your time is up.How many found the rabbit?Readers who did the job perfectly deserve praise.   

Examine the solution that is located above the slide for those individuals who are unable to see.  

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