Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40 Million USD: 3 More Worth Over $300,000

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Coin collectors' unique history and high pricing highlight the Bicentennial Quarter. America created a unique quarter in 1976 for its 200th anniversary.

Most of these quarters are sentimental, not valued. See one $40 million Bicentennial Quarter and six over $300,000.


The $40 million Bicentennial Quarter amazed numismatists. This quarter shows American cash and history. The minting error and perfect condition define this quarter. Other quarters used copper-nickel, but this one was 90% silver.   

1. The $40 Million Bicentennial Quarter 

A rare minting error doubles this $350,000 quarter. Clear double imprint makes it rare. These faults are rare due to mints' quality control, increasing this coin's value. Rare error coin enthusiasts treasure this double-struck quarter.  

2. The Double-Struck Error Quarter 

A quarter can be valuable with an off-center strike. Silver planchet Bicentennial Quarter struck 15% off-center sold for approximately $400,000. Silver content and off-center striking make it intriguing.   

3. The Off-Center Silver Quarter 

A 1941 Canadian cent overstruck cost $300,000. This unusual mistake was made by mistaking an ancient coin for a planchet. The coin is rare and valuable because it blends the Bicentennial and Canadian quarter designs.  

4.The Overstruck Quarter

Missing dies and brockage made Bicentennial Quarters worth over $325,000. This inaccuracy produced a deformed coin. Collectors like misaligned die errors' distinctive appearance and minting process stories.  

5. The Misaligned Die Quarter

A entire brockage Bicentennial Quarter, with the pattern reversed, sold for $350,000. This error happens when a coin adheres to the die and imprints other coins. Full brockage coins are rare and precious.  

6. The Full Brockage Quarterr

Finally, a Bicentennial Quarter with a cut planchet, where a blanking error removed part of the piece, was worth over $300,000. Due to this error, the coin is uneven and unique.  

7. The Clipped Planchet Quarter

Numists like Bicentennial Quarters with defects. Historical coins mix craftsmanship, error, and circumstance. Quarters are treasures, pieces of America's rich legacy, and a gateway into coin collecting for collectors.  


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