Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $150,000

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The Bicentennial Quarter is one of many coin collecting surprises and treasures. Most quarters are 25 cents, but some are worth a fortune. Bicentennial Quarters, especially rare ones, are expensive.  

A nearly $10 million Bicentennial Quarter is coin collecting's peak. Rare minting errors and excellent condition make this 1976 America 200th anniversary quarter rare.  

1. $10M Bicentennial Quarter 

An error caused the $150,000 Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter to be stamped twice, slightly offset. The coin's obverse date and other elements double due to this error.  

2. Double RQ 

Off-Center Strike Bicentennial Quarters sell for $200,000. Design is off-center when coin blank is not aligned with dies during striking. These quarters are best when severely misaligned. 

3. Off-Center Strike Quarter 

Few Bicentennial Quarters are struck over a dime. Collectors love these rare errors that create a coin with multiple designs. These quarters can sell for over $250,000 depending on overstrike clarity and coin. 

4. Overhit Quarter 

A special edition Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarter for collectors. A special process gives these 40% silver quarters a mirror-like finish. Pure coins, especially those graded well, can sell for over $150,000. 

5. Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarter 

Few reverse Bicentennial Quarters have full drum lines. Most drummer boys' lines are worn or unhit. Rare, uncirculated quarters with clearly defined lines can sell for over $175,000. 

6. Full Quarter Drum Lines 

The San Francisco Mint tick-free ‘No S’ Proof Bicentennial Quarter is popular with collectors. Very rare and misprinted without the mint mark. Elegant ‘No S’ Proofs can sell for over $200,000. 

7. No S-proof quarter 

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