Rare Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $75 Million Value — Plus 4 More Worth Big Money

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Rare and historic coins become legends in numismatics. Collectors worldwide prize the 1976 Bicentennial quarters. We unveil a Bicentennial quarter valued approximately $75 million and four more valuable coins.  

This 1976 Bicentennial quarter is the rarest among numismatics, worth approximately $75 million. With its perfect condition and great historical significance, this coin honors America's legacy and numismatic history.  

Rare Bicentennial Quarter Valued Nearly $75 Million

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One of the most sought-after coins in collecting is the 1885 Trade Dollar, Proof-66. This $500,000 numismatic gem is prized by collectors for its elaborate design and flawless condition.  

1885 Trade Dollar (Proof-66): $500,000

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The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, graded MS65, is a treasured early American coin. This coin, valued at $2.5 million, represents numismatic discovery due to its scarcity and historical significance.  

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar (MS65): $2.5 Million

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Class I 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollars are the peak of numismatic distinction. One of the most famous coins, its scarcity and historical significance make it worth $3 million to collectors.  

1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar (Class I): $3 Million

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The $75 million Bicentennial quarter is unveiled alongside four other coins that represent American numismatic history and are valuable in the collector's market.  

Rare Bicentennial Quarter and 4 Others Worth Big Money

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The rare Bicentennial quarter worth approximately $75 million and four additional coins of significant value are numismatic treasures. These beauties honor America's heritage and coin collecting's timeless appeal.  


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