Optical Illusion: Spot Three Owls Hiding Among Chickens In 20 Seconds  

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Optical illusions can confuse our perception and make us wonder what we see. They manipulate us to look closer, think deeper, and scratch our heads in awe.

In this optical illusion, you enter a farm full of chickens and owls, but you have 20 seconds to find the three owls. The image of a busy barnyard suggests a typical farm day. Hens peck at the ground, roosters crowing, and the sun is shining.

Look closely for oddities. Three clever owls hide among the hens in this optical illusion. Mental puzzle by Gergely Dudas. He posts unfinished drawings from Budapest. In his drawings, dozens of chickens had lobed wattles under their bills. 

White, grey, tan, and brown with different colours face different directions. Possibly looking for imposters. These three owls blend in and don't want attention.The image must be examined closely to find them.After that, they may seem constant. 

Finding the chickens' hidden owls takes time. Find all three owls in 20 seconds. As strain builds, only eyes help.If you can see all three in 20 seconds, your eyes are sharp. Get stuck? See the answer key. The artist painted three owls without red bills or heads. 

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