Optical Illusion: Only extra sharp eyes can find the seal among ghosts in 6 seconds!

A group of ghosts can be seen in the picture above. Somewhere among the ghosts is a seal.  

How fast can you find the secret seal? Now is your time! This easy task will see how well you can notice things.  

Carefully look at the picture. The mark is not easy to find in the picture.  Have you seen it?  

The photo posted above features images of singing girls. The two images seem to be nearly identical at first sight.  

Anyone with really good eyes will be able to find the seal faster than everyone else.  

Carefully look over every part of the picture to find the secret seal. Time is running out, so hurry up!  

Did you find the seal that was hidden? People whose eyes were sharp enough to find the seal in the time limit are the best readers.  

The answer is given above for those who couldn't find the seal.  

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