Optical Illusion: Find S among the numbers in 4 seconds!

A grid of numbers is shown to readers in the image shared above. But there is one exclusion.  

A hiding letter is among the numerals. Under four seconds, readers must find the letter S hidden in the digits.  

Will you have enough time to identify it? Now is the beginning of your time! This is a short assessment to gauge your ability to observe.  

With the best eyes, one can identify S more quickly than others.  Examine the picture thoroughly. Did you manage to locate S?  

There's not much time left. Just pay close attention; it's right there. Time is of the essence; act quickly.  

Put an end to searching. I'd like to congratulate the readers who completed the challenge in time.  

View the response given above. Some of you may be asking where this challenge's solution is, am I right?  

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