Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find the goat’s owner in the picture in 5 seconds!

A goat is seen munching on grass in the field in the old photo that has been posted above. The owner of the goat, though, is nowhere to be found.  

The task for the readers is to identify the owner of the goat in five seconds.  This is a short assessment to gauge your ability to observe.  

Your time has begun!Look at the picture very carefully.The goat's owner will not be shown until the smartest readers can figure them out.  

Have you managed to catch her? Pay close attention to every element of the image. Time is of the essence; act quickly.  

We salute the readers for their excellent observational abilities; in just 5 seconds, they were able to identify the owner of the goat.  

If any of you haven't figured it out by now, take a look at the answer above.  

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