Optical Illusion: Can you find the lion hiding among the zebras in 6 seconds?

The picture that was posted above shows readers a scene in the bush with a herd of zebras.  

Beyond the zebras, though, there's more to this image. It's a lion, and the readers' task is to find the concealed lion in under six seconds.  

This task is a straightforward assessment of your ability to observe. This is the beginning of your time!  

Is the lion visible to you? Readers with the best visual acuity will identify the concealed lion before other readers do.  

There is not much time left. Take one last look at the picture and see if you can identify the hidden lion.  

How many have seen the lion hidden?  Congratulations to everyone who found the hidden lion—you guys have great eyes.  

The answer is provided above for those who were unable to locate the hidden lion.  

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