Most Popular Foods in America

Potato Chips

The list includes potato chips, which is expected. I see potato chips at gatherings and elsewhere. The grocery has aisles of potato chips in various flavors.


I loved donuts since childhood. Walk to the donut shop and get a dozen, hehe. Amazing for breakfast or a daily pleasure. Donut shops like Krispy Kreme, Winchell's, Dunkin', and others are abundant in the US.

Ice Cream

Ice cream ranks eighth. My other childhood fave. My family and I like Thrifty brand ice cream at the store. Chocolate Malted Crunch was my fave then.

Soft Drinks

How popular is soda in America? This article claims the average American drinks 45 gallons of pop/soda annually. About 470 cans—more than one Coke a day. Can we say Americans are soda addicts?


Many happy memories involve cooking, buying, and eating pizza with friends and family. My family drove to Little Caesar's for pizza and movies at the next-door movie rental company.

Oreo Cookies

Oreos aren't my favorite, but I like them. I frequently add them to desserts. If you like Oreos and chocolate, you'll enjoy these Pops.

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