Low Carb Snacks (7g or less!)

Mixed Nut

Even cashews, which have the greatest carb content of any nut, have only 8 grammes of net carbs per serving, making nearly any nut mixture suitable for a low-carbohydrate diet. So, for approximately:

Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds, like the majority of nuts and seeds, are already a well-liked option for a portable snack. A little handful or a piece of 1/4 cup contains.


Olives are a source of healthy fats and can be a great simple snack option. One cup of most olives contains:


Almonds are a delicious, simple, and easy snack alternative. If you're trying to cut calories, just be aware of how much you're eating because it's simple to overdo it.


Grab eight medium-sized strawberries and a spoonful of sugar-free heavy whipped cream for a quick and delightful snack or dessert.


Low carb diets have long included cauliflower as a main component, and this rule applies to snacking as well. Snack on cauliflower florets with any of your preferred low-carb dips.

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