Low Calorie Sauces to Add to Any Meal


Two teaspoons of yellow mustard have only 6 calories in them. The majority of mustards also contain turmeric, a spice with well-documented anti-inflammatory properties.

Greek Yogurt

Another tasty low-calorie dipping sauce is greek yoghurt. It offers less than 10 calories per two tablespoons and a significant protein content.


Spicing up your tacos, fajitas, or even scrambled eggs with salsa is a terrific low-calorie option! Salsa only has 10 calories in two tablespoon.

Sugar Ketchup 

Ketchup with less sugar is a better option for reducing calories. It is made out of tomatoes, vinegar, salt, pepper, and spices. Low-sugar ketchup provides only 5 calories per spoonful.


One of the best low-calorie condiments is sriracha. It also has capsaicin, which helps lower cholesterol in the body and even slows the spread of cancer. It has a very low sodium content.

Hot sauce

Additionally, the chilli pepper chemical capsaicin has anti-inflammatory qualities that may even aid in weight loss!

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