Jupiter Retrograde Meaning And Effects Explained


You'll be busy as a bee during the first part of the retrograde. When Jupiter goes back into Pisces after going backwards, it will be a time to think about yourself. Think of this time alone as a disguised gift.


During the first part of the retrograde, you may feel like you're the only one on an iceberg in the ocean. But you'll see that you're cared for and loved. Because of your reputation and skills, people want to put you in touch with possibilities. With your networking skills at their best,


This is a wonderful time for you, which means you’re able to connect with people and projects that hold meaning. Work opportunities are pouring in, making you feel very blessed in your career. Before taking everything on, decipher the best gig with an open mind.


To find your place in the world, you need to be inspired. You can look inside or outside, but it's important to be happy with what you already have. You don't have everything you want yet, but that doesn't mean you won't get it soon. You are going to. Believe that things will change in the future and trust the process.


Listen to the warning signs and pay attention to the little things when Jupiter is in Aries for the beginning of its backward motion, Leo. During the second part of the retrograde, money problems are finally getting worse because you've been spending too much.


This is the time of Jupiter's backwards spin when you feel close to someone. Even though the close ties in your life are important to you, many of them aren't worth it anymore. People are loving you more now that your heart is opening up to them.