Is Overhead Watering Bad For Plants?

Just overhead watering. Garden watering systems hydrate plants, soil, and everything in their path like rain. Pipelines, a pump, and spray heads every several feet water crops below.

What is Overhead Watering?

Sprinkler systems spray water up from a stable plastic pipe on the ground, creating an umbrella. Cans and hoses are used for overhead watering.

Some large-scale operations spray greenhouse crops and germinate cover crops with overhead irrigation on hot days. 

overhead watering can sometimes harm plants. Although overhead watering is quick and easy, many gardeners prefer root watering for the reasons we'll explore.

Overhead Watering Bad For Plants?

Deep-watering drip irrigation uses lines on the soil surface near the plant base. Dripping water reaches roots. Most gardeners define deep watering as six to eight inches below the soil surface. 

An Alternative Method

Primary segment headers link tubular spaces. Off-season main header plugs shorten lines. All lines have intermittent 6-12-inch drippers. Face-up emitters collect water on top and leak both sides. 

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