Protein Smoothie Bowl! GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE

If you enjoy my smoothie recipes, you will adore this one. The smoothie I made with German chocolate cake could be my greatest one ever.

I adore smoothies because they are the ideal method for me to refresh my body and sneak in nutrients after my morning workouts.

This German chocolate cake smoothie is the ideal combination of those flavours and tastes more like a sweet treat than a nutritious drink.

Don't freak out if your smoothie proves to be too thick to blend. It occurs! Simply blend, add a little more milk, open the top, scrape the sides as necessary, and blend once more.

Set your smoothie's blender to medium. It's very difficult for the blender to properly combine the frozen ingredients if the smoothie is blended too quickly from the start.

Pecans are a crucial component of German chocolate cake, and they also give the smoothie an interesting texture!

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