How to Stop Procrastinating 6 Practical  Ways for Procrastinators 

We postpone because we unconsciously find the work daunting. Divide it into small pieces and focus on each one. Continue breaking down the task if you still procrastinate. Your task will become so simple that you'll say, "Gee, I might as well do it now."

Break Your Work into Little Steps

Different settings affect productivity. Examine your desk and room. Do you want to work or hug and sleep? If so, consider shifting your workspace. A place that inspires us may lose its appeal over time. If so, alter things up.

Change Your Environment 

Working with a tight deadline encourages procrastination. Because we think we have time, we put things off until it's too late.

Detail a Timeline with Deadlines 

You may be procrastinating too much because you make it simple. Move time-consuming browser bookmarks to a less accessible folder. Disable email auto-notification. Put away distractions. 

Get rid of  procrastination pitstops 

Every choice has energy consequences. If you wake up wondering, “What do I need to do today?” Today, you'll procrastinate. If you start each day without planning what you want, you'll waste a lot of time worrying about what to do.

Make Fewer Decisions

It continues from tip #1. The easiest way to avoid procrastinating is to organise your days ahead. Instead of scrambling to plan your day, take a few minutes at the end of each day to briefly plan the next.

Finish the day Early 

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