How to Repot Aloe in 3 Easy Step

Repot your plant after preparing it and everything else. Put newspaper down to catch old soil to simplify cleanup.

Remove aloe from pot. This is easiest or hardest depending on container and plant size. If leaves' sharp edges bother you, wear gloves before starting.

Step 1

Touch and shake hard pots to remove overgrown plants. If it sticks, cut the pot sides and turn the plant. Leaf griplessness—soft growth may snap.

Remove plants by squeezing plastic container sides. Remove soil, then slide plant. To prevent rotting, water the plant a day or two before removal.

Flat, circular roots. New soil replaces old. Root growth that will crowd the new container should be removed.To protect plant, cut roots carefully. Stronger potted plants.

An alternative stage benefits parent plants. Delete huge Aloe base pups. Dogs will grow more Aloes and cease draining it. Today's separation will help plants thrive.

Step 2

Get rid of plant puppies. These are needed for rootless plants under a few inches. Some larger ones need shears or a knife.

Treat the wound to prevent rotting before planting. Most moist-rotting succulents do this.

Bring in your container and soil mix while setting aside your plant(s). Measure the bottom soil layer height from the previous container and fill in till the top soil line is the same.

Step 3

The plant should sit on the pot's bottom soil. Try spreading the roots when you lay the plant down to encourage growth.

Fill soil mix below the pot rim and support the plant. This gap prevents irrigation-related soil drainage. Keep stem soil line high to avoid decay.

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