How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger 

Hair grows from the scalp, but damaged ends will never look longer. After extensive bleaching and styling heat damage, bond-building treatments salvaged my hair. Over time, chemical, heat, and mechanical damage break hair shaft connections. These treatments repair them.

Incorporate Bond-Building Treatments

Board-certified dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, advises women to see their dermatologist for a prescription drug like spironolactone, a blood pressure medication used off-label to treat hormonal acne, to treat hair loss and grow hair faster. I've been taking Spiro for years to treat my zits, and I think it's greatly reduced my stress-induced hair loss.

Consult Your Doctor About Hair-Growth Medications

When I started weightlifting and eating more protein, my hair grew faster. It makes sense: Your hair follicles are mainly protein, so eating too little can cause hair loss and thinning. I added eggs, black beans, collagen peptides, plant-based protein powders, lentils, poultry, yoghurt, and cottage cheese.

Increase Your Protein Intake 

Regularly eliminating buildup is crucial for scalp health and hair development. Why? When oil, filth, and extra product (dry shampoo and hairspray) build up on your scalp, it can create irritation and inflammation, which can hinder hair development.

Remove Build-Up

Hair doesn't grow after scalp massage. Follicle blood circulation may improve. Even better? Add rosemary oil. Some studies suggest rosemary oil may grow hair, but more is needed. A 2015 study found that rosemary oil and 2.5 percent minoxidil (Rogaine) addressed hereditary androgen-related hair loss in men similarly. On most scalps, rosemary oil was less irritant in the trial.

Massage Your Scalp With Rosemary Oil 

Doctors collect your blood, remove the plasma, then re-inject it into your scalp to stimulate follicle activity with PRP therapy. One less invasive option is scalp microneedling, where small needles penetrate your skin to stimulate collagen creation and the provider rubs in plasma.

Try Microneedling With PRP For Hair Growth

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