How To Heal Your Inner Child, According To Your Moon Sign

According to astrology, our Moon sign is linked to the things we do every day, our emotional needs and experiences, and our relationship with our inner kid. When we shut down the Moon's voice,

We're probably going to act defensively and reactively. "Until you make the unconscious conscious," the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung once said.

You will call it fate because it will decide what you do with your life. These are the things we'd rather not look at or haven't fully found and integrated yet. They are linked to our Moon sign.

We refuse our inner world the chance "to matter" when we shut down the sound of our Moon. We say no to our needs and wants,

and are likely to go through stages of blocking, repressing, dissociating, lying, comparing themselves to others, and/or hurting themselves.

This can be very bad for our mental health because it sends our energy toward doing what we want to avoid instead of focusing on what's really going on: our softer, more open emotional needs and expression.