How to Harden Off Seedlings: 7 Simple Tip

Local nursery or home-grown seedlings may necessitate urgent outdoor placement. Moving from their sanctuary to the outdoors scares them. Hardened seedlings thrive in their new home.

Don't plant your seedlings in your garden on the first warm day, even though you're eager. If you harden off seedlings too early, they face severe freezing conditions.

1. Wait for Warmer Weather

Remember that hardening seedlings helps them adjust. The seedlings in a greenhouse tray left outside overnight will still be stressed when planted in your garden.

2. Don’t Rush the Process

You may not notice ten-mph winds, but delicate seedlings may! Nurtured saplings were rarely exposed to wind, cold, or severe rain.

3. Pay Attention to the Wind

Moving seedlings is stressful, so try to minimize it. Correct watering removes stress from dry or waterlogged soil.

4. Keep Seedlings Well Watered

Great greenhouses for seedlings. Most people realize a winter greenhouse is warmer than the windy, cold outside. Summer greenhouses and outdoor gardens differ further.

5. Harden summer seedlings

Some seedlings can withstand freezing, but all should be protected. Unlike tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, and kale can handle lower temperatures.

6. Consider Plant Type

Seedlings are less stressed while transplanting when properly hardened. Transplant shock is still possible.

7. Post-Transplant Protection

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