How Much to Tip Hairdressers, According to Hairstylists Themselves   

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Daniel Post Senning, Emily Post Institute spokesperson, advises tipping hairstylists 20%. "Remember that just like servers in restaurants, hairdressers depend on tips as part of their income," says. Holidays are the only exception: As a bonus, tip your hairdresser 10% more during the holidays.

Exactly How Much to Tip Your Hairdresser

Tipping your hairdresser is polite and you should feel good about it. "Remember that the word 'gratuity' comes from 'gratitude,'" says Post. "Think of tipping less as an obligation and more of a way of being thankful for someone who is pampering you and making you look and feel your best."

Why You Should Always Tip

What should you tip your colorist or hairdresser for that amazing scalp massage? "You should tip 20% on the entire service cost, not per individual," says Schweitzer.A $40 haircut, blow-dry, and $60 colour costs $100. Each colorist and stylist should get $20. 

How Much to Tip for a Shampoo, Color, and/or Blowout

Post suggests asking the front desk operator to calculate and distribute tips. "When you have three separate people helping you, it can be confusing to monitor their names and what they should be tipped.

What to Do if You Don't Know Who Helped You

Ask the front desk employee to verify your service cost if you used a coupon or Groupon. "Tip 20% on the true total cost of the service, not the discounted cost," Schweitzer adds. "The hairdresser did the same amount of work, so they deserve the same amount of tip."

What to Tip if You're Using a Coupon or Getting a Discount

If the salon owner didn't cut your hair, don't tip, says Post. Most small business owners don't expect tips.They'd like your hairstyle. When in doubt, speak. Say, "I know this is your place—do you accept tips?" Always offer 20% politely. The salon owner can accept, reject, or share it with stylists.

Should You Tip the Owner of the Salon?

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