Healthy Gas Station Snacks


Peanuts, one of the world's most underappreciated foods, include a fair amount of protein and fibre along with the majority of their calories coming from fat.

Nuts, and seed

A bag of trail mix provides a full and even tastier snack, and almonds, cashews, or sunflower seeds are all loaded with protein.


The macros will be good because jerky is simply dried, spiced meat. About 410 calories and 33 grammes of protein are typically present in a 100-gram serving of jerky.

Hardboiled egg

Either plain eggs or eggs that have been pickled with red cabbage are frequently available in Pennsylvania.

Protein bars

Although protein bars might seem like the obvious choice for a high-protein snack, always read the nutrition data before choosing one.

Deli sandwiche

If you're hungry and need to acquire some protein, go back to the sandwich counter for one of the healthier choices.

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