Genius IQ Test: Find the weight of all the animals in 11 seconds!

Three animals—a dog, a cat, and a mouse—are visible in the picture that was shared above.  

Readers must compute the weight of three animal pairings and each animal's weight.  

This brain teaser puzzle will put your logical, analytical, and mental acuity to the test.  

How much do all the animals weigh in eleven seconds?This is the start of your time!Look at and fully understand the picture.  

In order to complete the puzzle quickly, you must have an awake mind.  

Did you manage to determine the animals' weights? Look closely at the picture to find the pattern. Time is running out, so hurry up.   

How many found the solution?Congratulations to readers who calculated each animal's weight and total.  

The weight of the animals can be calculated as follows: Dog + Mouse = 20 Kg Dog + Cat = 24 Kg Cat + Mouse = 10 Kg Now

2 Dog = 34 Dog = 17 Putting this in the first equation we get Dog + Mouse = 20 17 + Mouse = 20

Mouse = 20-17 Mouse = 3 Therefore Cat = 10 - 3 Cat = 7 Total weight of all animals =  17 + 7 + 3 = 27

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