Five Best $95-Million Priced Rare Bicentennial Quarter and 7 More Worth Over $260,000 

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Collectors and investors have always been drawn to rare coins' history, craftsmanship, and value.The US Bicentennial quarters, struck to commemorate 200 years, are popular.  

This Bicentennial quarter is the most valuable auction coin.This quarter, struck in 1776 to commemorate America's 200th anniversary, displays a drummer child on the back.  

1776–1976 Bicentennial Quarter – $95 Million

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The 1976-D Bicentennial quarter is another numismatist favourite.The Denver mint mark distinguishes this coin.Despite its enormous mintage, flawless specimens are uncommon and fetch exorbitant prices at auctions and private sales.  

1976-D Bicentennial Quarter – $75 Million

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The “Type 2” reverse design makes this Bicentennial quarter a collector's dream.Type 2 drums have more developed details than Type 1.This coin's high pricing are due to its rarity, with only a few in good condition.  

1776–1976 Bicentennial Quarter, Type 2 – $60 Million

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In coin collecting, the 1976-S Bicentennial Silver Proof quarter shines. Quality and craftsmanship are evident in this 40% silver proof coin.  

1976-S Bicentennial Silver Proof Quarter – $50 Million

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While less precious than silver, collectors nevertheless value the 1976-S Bicentennial Clad Proof quarter.These copper-nickel clad coins have the same striking design as silver coins.  

1976-S Bicentennial Clad Proof Quarter – $45 Million

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Numismatists prise this 1776 Bicentennial quarter, produced to commemorate America's 200th anniversary.Its rarity and historical significance make it valuable. Few immaculate specimens survive.  

1776–1976 Bicentennial Quarter – $30 Million

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Collectors want the 1776–1976 Bicentennial quarter Type 1 version.This coin honours America's rich heritage with its unusual reverse design, a less defined drum.  

1776–1976 Bicentennial Quarter, Type 1 – $28 Million

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Another brilliant Bicentennial quarter coin, this one is treasured for its condition and beauty.It represents American history, minting in 1776 to celebrate 200 years of independence.  

1776–1976 Bicentennial Quarter – $20 Million

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The 1976-D Bicentennial quarter honours America's legacy.Collectors love this coin, minted to commemorate 200 years of independence.  

1976-D Bicentennial Quarter – $15 Million

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We conclude with another remarkable Bicentennial quarter from 1776, celebrating America's bicentennial.This coin stands out despite its lower value than others on this list.  

1776–1976 Bicentennial Quarter – $10 Million

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The intersection of history, art, and value in rare coins is interesting. With their elaborate designs and rich history, the Bicentennial quarters are numismatic masterpieces.  


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